The Birth Chart

Human beings are a work in progress. The truth is that we grow, and we change, often slowly, sometimes rapidly. We may get stuck for awhile, but change is inevitable.

The astrological birth chart doesn’t define a person or put them in a box. When we are looking at the birth chart we are not directly looking at the personality, we’re looking at the web of needs, issues and choices a person will be dealing with in this life.

The choices a person has made and will make in life can’t be seen in the birth chart. How a person has responded to life’s challenges and opportunities can’t be seen in the birth chart.

We can't control the things that will happen in this life, but we can choose how we respond. We can’t control the choices that life presents to us, but we can choose wisely.

The birth chart can be a door way to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-understanding. When you are truly comfortable in your own skin your life simply works better and genuine happiness is possible.

How does evolutionary astrology differ from conventional astrology?

Traditional and conventional descriptive astrology often assumes that there is a fate that is already described for you. Evolutionary astrology recognizes that free will and consciousness greatly influences how your chart is manifested. We are in the grip of “fate” only when we are blindly acting out patterns that no longer serve us. 
 Conventional astrology assumes that people are predictable; assumes that people are static and don’t change; assumes that the best use of astrology is to find out “what will happen”; and assumes that people will always do what is the easiest thing
. Evolutionary astrology assumes that that people grow, mature and evolve; assumes that that people can decide to break out of patterns; assumes that consciousness is variable, we have good days and not such good days; and assumes that the best use of astrology is to provide insight into the core lessons of this lifetime.

How are Ancient and Modern Methods Combined?

Since the beginnings of reflective thought, humans have looked at the order of the sky and tried to find patterns that would but help them understand the chaos of life on earth. Astrology appears to have originated in the form we recognize today – consisting of planets, signs, houses and aspects – around two thousand years ago in Greek-speaking Egypt.

The difficulty of predicting accurate planetary positions led ancient astrologers to discover methods that didn’t depend on the accurate planetary tables that modern astrologers use. As Plato said “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

Many of these ancient techniques have been translated and recovered in the last few decades. Some of these methods have generated quite a bit of justifiable excitement to practicing astrologers. Many of these techniques can work quite well in an evolutionary approach to astrology. When used along with modern methods such as transits, progressions and the lunation cycle, they can add a great deal of depth and detail.

For this reason, I incorporate ancient methods such as the Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit, insights into differences between day and night births, the use of Fixed Stars, and timing techniques such as Zodiacal Releasing and Profections.

Zodiacal Releasing in particular is striking in its ability to show the structure and timing of a person’s life direction and career. This knowledge is of course important in your happiness and evolutionary journey. Understanding the timing of their unfoldment can help you navigate and
fulfill your life. This technique is a very powerful addition to transits and progressions.

Ancient sages left us profound wisdom teachings about Oneness and the holistic nature of the universe. They revealed the “Great Chain of Being” and that the universe has a purpose and meaning. These spiritual insights have helped countless people.

Modern discoveries about the “radically evolutionary nature of the universe” have added to this legacy. Most ancient wisdom taught that the heavens were unchanging and eternal. We now know that solar systems evolve, galaxies evolve, stars evolve and the universe itself evolves.

Astrology can bridge the ancient and modern by incorporating ancient teachings with emerging evolutionary insights.