Evolution and Consciousness

Everything in the universe is changing and transforming – stardust becomes trees and the cells in our bodies. All is recycled as matter and energy constantly interchange. There is a force that drives evolution in the universe, a force that pulls together stardust to form worlds. Everything in the universe is pulled towards more complexity and inclusiveness.

Every level of existence is part of something larger:

  • Atoms are contained in molecules…
  • Molecules are contained in cells…
  • Cells are part of organs…
  • Organs are part of a body…
  • (we could go on…)

If everything in the universe is recycling and becoming more complex and evolving, why would consciousness be different? Why would consciousness disappear after one life?

Many great sages and thinkers have taught that consciousness indeed does not disappear. Like matter and energy it is only transformed. They taught that we live a long series of lives. In each of these lives we play out patterns of desire and learn the lessons of that life.

We come into this life already quite experienced. We’ve learned many things in our various incarnations, some of them helpful and some of them hindering. On some level all of these experiences shape the person we appear to be. When we are born we already they have unique personalities, likes, dislikes, fears and talents. These experiences color the way we see life now and the actions we take now.

The birthchart is a seed pattern that reflects our past and is a set of instruction for us to grow in happiness and fulfillment. It is very empowering to see the patterns that underlie this life and to learn from our experiences.

Evolutionary astrology is a powerful tool for understanding our particular needs, talents, abilities and patterns of learning.

The Birth Chart

Human beings are a work in progress. The truth is that we grow, and we change, often slowly, sometimes rapidly. We may get stuck for awhile, but change is inevitable.

The astrological birth chart doesn’t define a person or put them in a box. When we are looking at the birth chart we are not directly looking at the personality, we’re looking at the web of needs, issues and choices a person will be dealing with in this life.