About Me

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When I first encountered a serious level of astrology in 1977 I was amazed at the x-ray that it seemed to provide. The deep insight into my inner processes, motivations and real values was extremely helpful and I was soon motivated to find a teacher. I was fortunate to be able to study with renowned astrologer Richard Idemon in San Francisco for several years. Decades later I am still grateful for the insight and depth of vision that astrology provides in my life and my practice.

Since 2005 I have studied with Steven Forrest in his Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program. The astrological approach I use is influenced by Steven, along with the work of Robert Hand, Dane Rudhyar and many other great teachers. My approach is grounded in the real world experiences of parenting, marriage, business and the work world.

Above all, my greatest pleasure is to alert people to their unique gifts, to inspire them to move forward on their unique individual path, and to help them move through the patterns that limit them and cause unhappiness.