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United Astrology Conference 2018 – Chicago – May 26, 1:00 PM

Rudhyar’s Astrology of Self-Actualization

Dane Rudhyar had a compelling vision of astrology’s deepest purpose. He saw astrology as a powerful tool for self-actualization and finding peace in the middle of life’s difficulties. We’ll explore the “Cosmic Psychosynthesis” that he developed and left as a gift to astrologers everywhere.


The Mountain Astrologer – June/July Issue, 2018

Get Real – Saturn’s Passage Through Capricorn

A perspective on Saturn’s three-year passage through Capricorn.


The Astrology Podcast – Interview by Chris Brennan – June 26, 2017

Dane Rudhyar and the Birth of Modern Astrology

Rudhyar is a towering figure in mid-to late-20th century astrology due to the technical and conceptual work that he did in reformulating astrology for modern times, as well as due to how prolific he was in authoring 40+ books on astrology and hundreds of articles.

During the course of the show we realized at one point that he may very well be the most prolific author of astrology books and articles of all time, as we were unable to think of anyone who wrote more than he did during the course of his life.

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