Consultations by Chet Zdrowski

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Most consultations are done via Zoom or Skype, and a recording of the session will be sent to you via a file transfer. Consultations are 75-90 minutes long. Consultations can generally be scheduled within two to three weeks of your initial inquiry.

What information is needed for consultations?

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Location of birth
  • Exact time of birth

Be sure to let me know the source of your birth time, whether it is from a birth certificate, family recollection or some other means.

Birth Chart Consultation – $175

This consultation focuses on major life issues and dynamics that are symbolized in the birth chart. Current planetary transits, progressions and solar arc directions reveal challenges and opportunities that are arising in your life. The birth chart suggests ways to deal with these creatively and positively and how to prepare for changes and new directions. We’ll look at the deeper connections and patterns arising from your past and how they reflect in the present. The approach is positive, life-affirming, and meant to encourage the best in you, while also looking at the ways you may be getting stuck or holding yourself back.

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Follow-up Reading – $100 per hour

This custom reading will delve more deeply into one or two issues of your choosing that arose during a consultation.

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Life Cycle Consultation – $175

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the past and coming to terms with it. This consultation focuses on the turning points and cycles that have played out over the course of your life. Using astrology to look at the “Big Picture” we can see patterns that shine a light on underlying meaning and purpose. A variety of techniques are used, ranging from ancient to modern. You can choose to focus on particular periods and turning points or we can simply dive in and explore together.

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Child’s Birth Chart Reading – $100

This reading is aimed at helping you understand your child’s default patterns and needs. Parenting is not easy; your child doesn’t come with a manual. However with insight into your child’s particular needs and patterns the communication can be more encouraging, harmonious and accepting.

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